My name is Laurel and this is what you should know about me…


I’m a Russian spy…wait, what??


I can shoot a penny off your head…well, most of the time. Volunteers anyone??


Clearly in my free time I’m a lingerie model… I know genetics – what can I say?


I can drop it like it’s hot… (that’s my brother)…he can drop it like it’s hot too.

Dropping it like it’s hot runs in the family. Good genes – what can I say??


I handle stressful situations well… I can not emphasize enough how cold this water was!!!

Although, my face is not having a problem telling the story…


I love my dogs… and other people’s dogs. Seriously, keep me away from your dogs – I have a “need to pet every dog I see” problem. Then I break into the baby talk and well, it’s just embarrassing. Help please, someone – anyone!!!


I love the Barefoot Contessa and believe in my heart we will one day be besties.

We will tell each other all our secrets and paint each others nails.

I know, I know…just let me have this one…pretty please.


I love the Village People…I mean what would a wedding be like without the “YMCA”?

The chicken dance clearly can’t carry an entire wedding…c’mon don’t be silly!!


I love scratching lionesses.


And then squashing their head like an ant!!! Ha ha ha (insert evil laugh here).


I enjoy looking smarter than I am – an archeologist perhaps? Well played.


And conquering rocks…


Flying through trees…


See I told you I could drop it like it’s hot!

Shout out to my Tanzanian friends!!!


I also love getting flowers from my romantic husband who will not sign a waiver for me to use his photo… đŸ™‚

Permission granted to insert imaginative image of what husband looks like…you’re welcome.


I really love eating pizza in Paris…yes, France. Ohlala!!!


I really, really, really LOVE my birthday!!

And hangin’ with our oldest son on the top of random buildings…


Last but not least, I adore being in my kitchen.


~If at first you don’t succeed…Don’t skydive!!!

Be blessed, stay blessed and remember if you don’t laugh at yourself someone will do it for you!!

Love, L.

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