To Fight or Not To Fight – That is the Question….


Hello Lovelies,

Welcome to yet another beautiful day!!

Here’s a quick little (I like to think inspirational) story…


I walked outside yesterday to let my dogs out and next thing I know my feetsies are soaked.

I looked down and was like, “What on earth?”

And then that ugly feeling overtook me…

You know the feeling..when you remember what it was you were suppose to remember hours ago, but clearly did not.

Like…Let’s say – in this particular case…TURN OFF THE HOSE that was filling your pool!!!

13 hours – 13 long hours our hose ran when it was supposed to only run for 30 minutes.

So, I texted my husband with these two photos and asked him if we forgot something.

This is yet another reason why I love my husband so very much.

His reply was, “Looks good, maybe just 5 more minutes then turn it off.”

He cracks me up!!


Choices – Life is full of choices.

I’m not going to ask you how you would have responded because it is none of my beeswax.

But it is good food for thought – Think about it….

Blame fixes nothing, fights make people sad and mistakes are only human.


There is a book I love to read and reference often, it is written by Albert E. Cliffe and it is titled “Let Go and Let God”.

You don’t have to have a specific religious affiliation to read it or even have a belief in general, it’s just good common sense advice.

This is a quote from the book I’d like to share, “In our daily contacts, therefore, we should try to keep away from arguments of any kind.  Arguments create bad feelings and often result in a sense of humiliation.”

I like that.  I enjoy harmony and balance and laughter and smiling.

I do not enjoy fighting or crying or blaming or feeling bad so I avoid these.  It’s working out pretty good so far.

squiggle seperator

Here is the added bonus…take a closer look at the above photo.

Did you even notice the clouds?

At first I didn’t either.  They took my breath away when I saw them.  I hope they do the same for you.

Until next time…You don’t always have to look up to see the sky.

Be blessed, stay blessed and remember to laugh at yourself or someone will do it for you!

Love, L.


16 Years of Marriage and My Heart Still Skips a Beat!!!

Anniversary Pic

To My Love,

What has been the secret to our success??

A success not too many are able to possess.

If you said communication is absolutely the key,

I would say I whole-heartedly, undoubtably agree.

But there’s more to this gig than just some nice chats,

In this game you must wear a lot of cool hats.

You are a master at knowing which is the right one,

When to be serious and when to be fun.

When I need an ear or just a good reality check,

Or when to say, “Honey, really…what the heck?”

You know when to hug me and just sit down still,

Or when I need a good old fashion thrill.

You kiss me with lips of a first date each time.

I close me eyes and feel so sublime.

When you touch me I still get chills up and down,

I am happy the most when you are around.

Together is when I truly feel whole,

You are a part of my inner most soul.

Thank you for all of the hats that you wear,

Not one is taken for granted this I do swear.

Lover, best friend and daddy you are,

To this family you truly are our shining star.

Thank you for allowing me to love you my dear,

Happy Anniversary on this 16th year.

I love you!!