Naked Man at Silver River State Park, Ocala, Florida


Sooo…We were biking through the park one day,

In the merry, merry month of May,

And what to our surprise,

A strange man would catch our eye.

For no clothes did he bare,

Thankfully, the law was quickly there.

He made a quick escape,

With some pants he made a drape.

To cover his (ahems..)

So we did not see his gems.

Quite an experience I must say,

For I will never forget that day!


What am I talking about and why are you showing me a blurry photo? Fair question.

Picture this…Hot weather, my son (10) and I alone biking the Silver River State Park forest trails. Suddenly, we have to stop and walk our bikes through very thick sugar sand when I look up to see –

A buck naked, no clothes wearing man. To give him some credit, he was wearing a hat.

He proceeds to walk past us as he covered his royal gems with his pants.

True Story.

My son was concentrating so much on getting his bike through the sand he never realized the man was naked.

I turned around just to be sure and yep, his bum was as bright as the moon. Oh, my.

I took a photo of his rear view, but as you can see my camera fogged up – of all the times to fog up, really, why now?

I called papi (that’s what I call my hubby) who immediately called the park rangers. Who immediately swarmed the area looking for the naked bandit.

Unfortunately, he was gone in a flash. (Get it) – I crack myself up.

But yes, he was gone and no they never caught him.

I must say it caused quite an uproar amongst the rangers.

They said NEVER had anything like this happened.

I chuckled because stuff like this follows me around. Stick with me and you’ll understand.


Anywho, the park is fantastic, you probably won’t see my naked man, but if you do please take a picture so I can replace my foggy photo.

I am just kidding – that would be weird. Besides, I have a very permanent, unwanted photo burned into my mind.

So, to keep moving with this review…

The camp sites are wonderful and the restrooms are spotless.

Since we go camping specifically to mountain bike we fell in love with the Ocala “Santos” MTB Trail System. (Shown Above)

One of the neatest perks was that you could park your car and enter the trailhead at Santos Bike Shop.

They even let you use their restrooms, which is good because I always have to use the restroom before biking.

The staff is super knowledgable and friendly. Can’t say enough about them. Actually, I could and I am.

To sum it all up – The state park is fantastic, the santos trail system is the best we have been to, the Santos Bike Shop is top-notch and the views – well… you’ll just have to see for yourself.

Until next time…don’t hike naked – it scares the wildlife.

Be blessed, stay blessed and remember if you don’t laugh at yourself someone will do it for you!

Love, L.