How To Teach Happiness!!


Hello lovelies,

The topic on the table today is HAPPY.

The reason – Because we all want a piece of the “Happy” pie.

The problem – Obtaining it.

The solution – Wait for it…Teach it.

Stay with me here as I run through a “typical” lifespan.

~ Born, daycare, school, work, retire, die.

Awfully bleak, right?  I would concur.  I certainly would be unhappy if my life translated out like that.  That’s why it is time for a change, a revolution if you will.  A revolution of happy people.

Now, I do believe there is a difference between happy people and selfishly happy people.  Stay with me here because I am sure this is important.  Truly happy people are just that ~ happy.  They have a light inside them that is not connected to possessions or acts.  They are happy because they learned/understand that happiness is a state of mind.  Selfish people become, repeat that…become happy when possessions are acquired or acts are performed whether by them or for them.  The typical…I’ll be happy when (fill in the blank).

So, here is the interesting part, let’s digress into childhood and look at what we are teaching our children?  Clearly, we are teaching them the latter, that happiness comes from obtaining.  The problem is the quest to obtain is infinite. Therefore, the quest for happiness becomes equally infinite!  Brilliant strong parenting at it’s best!!  (Insert sarcasm)  What an amazing way to set our kids up to fail even before they’ve left the gate.  This makes me sad and mad and too many other adjectives to throw at you.

Even more unfortunate is the life we are creating for them.  We send them into the world with the ability to read and write so they can obtain great jobs only to pay shrinks, yogis, priests, pastors, counselors and life coaches to help them “find” themselves.  How to make sense of their lives and how to obtain……you guessed it, the elusive ~ HAPPINESS.

I am clearly very passionate about raising “happy” children.  Far more passionate now then I ever thought I would be.  To give you some history, the light bulb came on when we pulled our kids from traditional school and chose to home school.  After about two weeks of decompression from the rigor of our old lives I realized what a rat race we had entangled ourselves in.  How we had worn ourselves down into drones functioning to the schedules dictated by the institutions.  Then we just STOPPED.  BOOM!!  Silence…followed by time.  Time to be a family.  Time to laugh and play at will.  Time to decide what would fill our days and what would be deleted.  Once that happened our world as we knew it ceased to exist and that drove our happy quota through the roof.

Happiness is without question the most sought after intangible in the world.  It can not be bought or traded.  It can not pass hands or be left to someone. It can, however, be shown, taught and exhibited.  It is one of the few things on earth that can be obtained equally and unilaterally, no strings attached.  Most importantly, it is free.

So why on God’s green earth isn’t everyone happy?  Simply put, we need to let go.  We need to stop attaching our “happy” to people, places and things and realize that happiness is built brick by brick by living a happy life.  Leaving the bad behind and growing day by day into your own personal happy.  Realizing that your job is not your happy, your car is not your happy, your house is not your happy.  These things may make “life” easier but they surely should not be attached to whether or not you are happy.  When these things are attached to your happiness they make your happiness vulnerable – vulnerable to the slightest shift in change.  1 million people a year commit suicide.  Their happiness was vulnerable and therefore they made the ultimate, permanent decision.  Very tragic for them and all those who loved them.

Therefore, we must learn from others who are happy.  We must teach happy to our children with the utmost vigor!!  We must make sure without a shadow of a doubt they go into the world armed with the tools they need to keep themselves afloat.  We must give them the ability to compartmentalized their life into necessary and unnecessary and distinguish the effects each have on their “happy”.

We must do this for them so they can make their world a better place.  It will be our greatest gift as happy people are nice people and that seems to be just what the world needs right now.


Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.

Be blessed, Stay blessed and remember if you don’t laugh at yourself someone will do it for you!!

Love, L.



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