2014 Family Bucketlist

Hello lovelies,

As you may or may not know but will soon find out…we are a very active family. Not only are we active but we do pretty much EVERYTHING together. So I decided it would be awesome to come up with a FAMILY bucket list.

When I approached my husband with my idea and asked him what he wanted to accomplish for our 2014 bucket list, he said very matter-of-factly, “I don’t want to die.” I rolled my eyes, then eagerly sought out my boys hoping for a more useful reply when I was met with this familiar response, “We don’t want to die.” So basically, I have established no one in my family wants to die prior to the end of 2014. Now that we got that out-of-the-way, I was able to grill them on ideas for our list. And grill them I did…


We have been very blessed in our ability to have family adventures. We have Safaried in Tanzania, Africa, Trekked the rain forests of Costa Rica, Picnicked on the lawn of The Louvre in Paris, France, Shopped in the flower market in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Stood on the edge of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA and Cruised the Caribbean to name some of our family favorites.

Our 2014 bucket list represents not only our desire to try new things and visit new worlds but to most importantly do it TOGETHER. We hope you enjoy our bucket list and follow along on our adventures to show that families really can still be families.

From our home to yours with love!!



1. Camp at a new state park

2. Go to Cape Canaveral, Florida

3. Go to a professional football game

4. Go to a professional soccer game

5. Go to a water park

6. See snow

7. Step foot on a new continent

8. Swim in the Mediterranean Sea

9. Take a Day Trip on bicycle

10. Take a train someplace

11. Take an impromptu day trip

12. Visit Italy

13. Visit family in Costa Rica

14. Visit our oldest son out West


New Experiences

15. Charter a fishing boat

16. Finish a corn maze

17. Go completely out of mommy’s comfort zone

18. Go to a festival

19. Go to an air soft gun range

20. Indoor skydive

21. Ride on a sail boat

22. See an opera

23. Sleep under the stars

24. Tailgate at a football game

25. Take a dance class

26. Take a yoga class

27. Try paddle-boarding

28. Watch an outdoor movie in our backyard



29. Begin to learn Spanish

30. Complete a Family 5 K

31. Complete a kids mud run

32. Complete the Warrior Dash

33. Create a fairy garden

34. Finish decorating our bedroom

35. Lose our “baby weight” (mommy & daddy)

36. Make and eat a vegetable smoothie

37. Mommy to finish her book

38. Purchase a Go-Pro camera and use it

39. Reach 30,000 followers on our blog

40. Rescue another dog and find him/her a home

41. Successfully complete our home school year

42. Watch Gone with the Wind


Involving Food

43. Celebrate a new holiday from another culture

44. Drink wine in Italy (Daddy & Mommy Only)

45. Eat 20 chocolates from different parts of the world

46. Eat at a Brazilian Steak House

47. Eat Pizza in Italy

48. Have a potluck party

49. Have a theme dinner party every other month

50. Make and eat a giant chocolate chip cookie

And one for good luck…

51. Try a new food


Until next time…If at first you don’t succeed…don’t skydive.

Be blessed, stay blessed and remember if you don’t laugh at yourself someone will do it for you!

Love, L.



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